Qualified Retirement Planning

Our goal is to help our clients maintain financial stability when their situation changes due to life altering events such as achieving retirement. We work closely with you in designing a customized plan to remove the uncertainty of the possibility of a loss of income. We focus on building a plan designed to provide for your retirement needs.


A qualified retirement plan refers to a defined contribution retirement plan or a defined benefit pension plan. A defined contribution plan matches employee contributions with employer’s contributions which are invested to earn income. At retirement age, you will start receiving distributions from this plan. Similarly, a defined benefit pension plan pays off at retirement age based on a certain formula. We provide high level retirement plan services to small and mid-sized companies to help benefit the companies and their employees.


As a step further, we educate our clients on the intricacies of the plan and offer comprehensive information regarding the investment menu. Asset allocation* structure is developed in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement that has been agreed upon. Investments are monitored on an ongoing basis by our team of qualified advisors who aim to provide the maximum benefit to our clients.

*Neither Asset Allocation nor Diversification guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. They are methods used to help manage investment risk.

Investment advisory services offered through The Summit Group Advisors, a registered investment adviser.